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So my mum is now on the mend after an operation for bowel cancer but not without scaring the living shit out of us all. She had a couple of small heart attacks after and now she is losing a lot of weight but it's because her bowels haven't settled down yet. It's taking longer than expected but hopefully soon it will be sorted.

My daughter is no longer planning on moving out for her last year of Uni, she's realised that it would cost her more financially than staying at home. She gets her meals and laundry done at home and only has to pay board. She's passed her exams so she will be doing another year starting in September. I'm very proud of her, she's doing really well, juggling Uni life, work and a healthy social life. She is one of the best things that I have ever done in my life.

The other is my son. He had gotten back together with the psycho from Ireland but she came for a visit recently and he ended up telling her to book her flight and fuck off back home. The final straw was her trying to smash his head through a brick wall. It's a good job he didn't tell me until after she had gone home, I had already told him that if anything bad happened to her while she was here I would take the fall for it. I'm a good mom and I raised my kids to only use violence if someone tries to hurt them. I never said I wouldn't use violence though.

Myself, I've finally got an appointment with the pain management team. I'm going next week, we'll see what they have to say. I'm on a stronger dose of anti-depressants, the tablets for anxiety didn't work (in fact they made me worse) and I've been given some sleeping tablets because the anti-depressants cause insomnia. I've gone from sleeping like the dead to looking like the walking dead. I shuffle around in a daze. The sleeping tablets worked for a couple of nights but even though I'm still taking them, they aren't as effective. I have to have a break from them and then try them again in a couple of weeks. My dogs are doing well, their training is coming on nicely. The cats are all addicted to catnip and my allotment has been a bit neglected lately with all the goings on with my mum but I shall be getting back down there this week and get some weeding done and some plants put in. I may not get a lot grown this year but I can certainly get the beds prepped for next time.

So that's it for now, I hope that everyone is well in their own lives and no matter if you choose to comment, read or ignore this post I hope you are all living life to the fullest. I mainly do this blog as it's quite cathartic and my therapist recommended that I write down whatever is bugging me. So again I say bye for now. Catch you on the flip side and remember Don't Order Dog.


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