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I'm starting to get worried. I can't stop reading and writing fan fiction. I've got a stack of books that I need to read and review but I just can't stop with the fan fiction. I may need to seek help....... well, maybe after one more story and another chapter too. Lol..... I think I may just have to start a support group, we could all sit at our laptops and talk about what fan fiction we are reading/writing at the time and give each other help. I'm not sure what the steps would be though. Maybe I'm over-thinking this, maybe it's not a problem... at least not for me, just the rest of my household. They are already avoiding me due to my health issues so what's another reason to add to that.

Anyway, I need your help. I'm looking for a fan fiction which is a cross-over between Angel and Harry Potter. It starts with Angel and Co going to England to help getting rid of Voldemort, Doyle returns, Cordy still has the visions but she stays in England to help Draco as he works to gain redemption. He opens a P.I. firm in Diagon Alley, Cordy works for him, there is a house elf that she adopts and dresses in Connor's baby clothes, Susan Bell and Marcus Flint also come to work with them....oh and Cordy kicks Narcissa's arse with a broom.

If anyone knows the name of the author or the story, I would be most grateful. In fact I will send cookies to anyone who helps, well I would if I could send them via the internet.


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