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So my life still looks like it could be a tv programme. I'm still medicated for pain but I'm waiting for an appointment from the pain clinic as an operation is too high risk with no guarantee for success. I'm on more meds for depression and anxiety but I am able to go outside on my own now. I have two wonderful dogs that I have to walk every day, they are a cross between a Staffordshire bulldog and a Poodle, they are called Sirius and Cass.
My daughter is in her second year of Uni but she is ramping up for September, she's going to move out and live with a couple of her friends. I'm taking the *Ignore it and it isn't going to happen* route. I know it's sad but that's just the way I am. I haven't cried about it but I'm sure that will come with moving day.
My son has finally come home from Ireland. He left the psycho girlfriend and she didn't even wait until he had left the house, never mind the country before she was flirting with other guys, she also sent a video of herself making the beast with two backs with another guy and sent it to my son. It just about killed him but he made excuses for her. She's had a hard life, she's been abused, she's been raped, her mother doesn't want to live with her. As far as I am concerned she's just a dirty, scaggy girl who keeps using her past as an excuse to treat him like crap. She's come over for a fortnight in an attempt to make things right with me but I don't forgive as easily as my son.
Then there's the husband, he's pissed every weekend from Thursday to Saturday, his daughter keeps asking for money and he keeps giving her some. She's got one daughter and another baby on the way, my thinking is, if you can't manage your money with one child you shouldn't be bringing another into this world. Her boyfriend is the biggest, thickest waste of space going. He can't read or write properly so he has her fill in any application forms for him. There is no reason in this world for someone to be so illiterate, there are classes for adults and help if there are certain difficulties too.
And finally, my mum has been diagnosed with cancer. I'll find out what sort of treatment she is going to have tomorrow, or rather later today, we know it's surgery and radiography but not the order and when. She's going to find out if it's spread, if it's going up the body or down and it totally sucks as she had a heart attack a few years ago and we've only just gotten to the point where we don't keep watching her with bated breath, we don't have to keep asking if she has her spray with her as it is now second nature.
Life is a total drama and I wish for a little while anyway, that it would give me a break.


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